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.Name :: Kacey.
Muse’s Name :: Kim JunSu
Muse’s Journal :: Mafia_Su
Instant Messengers :: XxiahX - Aim - Msn - YIM
Muse’s RL Occupation ::  Korean Popstar, Or well Boy band Member
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Mafia bratt. Barely Legal.Spoiled. Attention whore. Otherwise known as a student too.

Sample Post :: Gosh, Wasnt luxory the best? Snap of the fingers,what ever you wanted came to you,wouldnt have to lift a finger...Or at least to snap you would. Kim JunSu or 'Bratt' Was the son of a korean woman, who had married a one of the more powerfull people in the G.S Mob, Suppyling the 18 year old with ever need he would ever need.

The boy had an adorable face, a mean mouth, but was mainly quiet and hushed around the other mafia members, while around his friends, he was somewhat demanding and very very loud.c His hair varried from colors, either to black with red bangs or to blonde, and his weight changed alot too, one day being somewhat round and plump, the other in between, the next ...About the size of a stick. Currently his somewhat slim figure was curled up on the couch of his comfy apartment, Which he shared with his second cousin...In law...Koda. Who was off doing who knows what.
Comments :: Okies kinda sucks but thats okay. And yes i am going ot be picking up Koda, and Yes they are cousins in law....and yeh thats it.


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