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Claimin' Shou! :3

Name :: Mun-Pai
Muse’s Name :: Shou of Alice Nine

Muse’s Journal :: yaminichirushou
Instant Messengers :: AIM: AmourMana     MSN:
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Japanese rocker~
Muse’s RP Occupation :: College student

Sample Post ::
Of course Shou was glad his ridiculously rich father paid for a great apartment right in the heart of Ginza. Of course he was glad that he was away from dorm life…But he was not too pleased with the fact that whoever lived above him seemed to have the world’s worst addiction to Dance Dance Revolution. Every time he was in the apartment, he could hear the music thumping and the addict’s feet pounding on the dance-mat, or whatever the hell it was called.
Never having been much of a game player himself, Shou did not see any attraction in a game that only made people look even more like a blundering idiot...


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