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Kwon BoA


Name :: Sumire / Ricadonna
Muse’s Name :: BoA Kwon
Muse’s Journal :: freak_in_me
Instant Messengers :: AIM (belle rockstar) Yahoo! (lovebugREMIX)
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Korean/Japanese/Chinese pop star. Born in South Korea.
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Socialite & debutante
Sample Post :: Recently having moved from Korea, BoA had been concerned about how well she would fit in in Japan. She was fluent in the language, but that wouldn't help much if no one spoke to her, right? But once she stepped out of the rather ritzy cab that had parked in front of the Golden Swan apartment building and was whisked expertly up to the seventh floor penthouse by her father's bodyguards, she had to smile to herself - this was the way it was done, huh? She'd have no problem reinventing the previous glory she had in Korea.

BoA was the daughter of a society hostess - known for her outrageous parties to benefit wildlife and the environment - and one of the best lawyers in the nation. She and her parents had their own islands in the sea between Vanuatu and Fiji. Her two walk-in closets (expanded to double the size, courtesy of the owner of the complex) were chock-full of her Versace, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture, and other high-fashion brand-name clothes, shoes, and accessories. She had one outfit for each day of the year, and then some for the next leap-year! Of course she'd have no problem fitting in. That someone so filthy rich and sophisticatedly beautiful like Kwon BoA would actually have issues was almost implausible.

But those issues and fears were totally gone now. Standing in front of the enormous window overlooking Ginza - what a view! - a grin began to form on her lips when she spotted the huge Dior boutique at the corner of her street. Quickly grabbing her credit card, purse, and jacket, she leapt to the door. "I'm going out for a while!" she called.

Her mother, who still had a hang-over even though she'd spent the day basically unconcious, sat up for a moment. "Invite some new friends over," she said, then passed out again.

Like a new ¥102,150.00 pair of shoes to fill up the empty walls in her closets? Sure, mom.

Comments :: I'm on most of the time on weekends, but on weekdays, because of school, I'll probably be around only from ...4 or 5 PM - 9 PM. It depends on homework or whatever. That's in Central time, by the way. :]

Pictures of BoA! :O

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