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Claimin' Jae Joong!

Name :: Jacqui
Muse’s Name :: Kim Jae Joong
Muse’s Journal ::
Instant Messengers :: Boo Jae Joong
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Lead vocal in DBSG, TVXQ, DBSK, etc.
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Rich gang leader/Adult entertainment

Sample Post :: Long day. So incredibly long, that he needed release from it. The paperwork wasn't what bothered him, it was the idiots he'd been left in charge of after his father left town that morning. Instead of his usual club attire, he'd worn what he always deemed to be a promising eye grabber in the workplace. Button up, long sleeved black lace top, black leather pants. Black was his favorite after all, and it made him all the more heart stopping in appearance. So -- here he was again at Juliana, bright lights blazing back and forth over the roof and ceiling, bathing him in their electronic heat. He swung his head in rhythm with the music that seemed to explode in his chest, there were vibrations that ran through every nerve as he couldn't help but sway his hips along with the sounds around him. Outside of work, he lived for this. Finishing off his fourth glass of tequila, he casually slipped off the barstool where he'd been sitting for the past hour, then gracefully saunted toward the dance floor.

Comments :: Yeh. It ain't that great, but Kacey thinks it is. The adult entertainment is his side job, it's to avoid suspicion that he's in one of the top drug gangs in Seoul. Though they're not in Seoul -- XD -- Japan is the country Jae lives in because most business is done from there. 8D
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