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The guys wanna fight but the girls are happy to dance all night.

(If this is, for whatever reason, not allowed or whatever, take it down. :D;;)

A collection of 50 invitations were printed out, at BoA's whim, and - courtesy of her father's long list of connections (he's probably helped everyone in the GS complexes get out of a bind at one time or another) - sent to the appropriate people. Several can also be found in the pockets of those burly club bouncers or the employees at the more expensive stores in Ginza, with the directions that they give them to whoever they think fits the criteria stated in the invitation. Good luck. ;]

And a text-version, if the image doesn't show up or the text is hard to read.

Kwon BoA would like to invite you to a "A Red Affair"

WHAT? A chance to meet the new girl in the complex! You'll definitely regret missing it - I promise you.

WHEN? Saturday, October 9, 2005 - 8 pm to dawn!

WHERE? The Engine Room club. Don't worry if you haven't heard of it - no one has. This is the opening party. Sweet, huh?

BRING. . . Yourself, three of your hottest friends, your sexiest red or pink article of clothing, and this invitation. Without it you can't get in!!

EXTRA: No one younger than 16 and no one older than 30 allowed!! No one's carding at the bars but they're carding at the velvet ropes!!


I know some of us may not be able to make it on Saturday, so it's a tentative date. And I don't think we'll be RPing this at 8 PM to, like, 3 AM... Whenever anyone can get on is more like it. ^^; Please comment here and say if you can make it or not, and what time... Thanks.
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