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Application Time!

ame :: Pookie, Nareh
Muse’s Name :: Masuimi Max
Muse’s Journal :: mtothemax
Instant Messengers :: 

Aim - Masuimi7Max

msn -

Muse’s RL Occupation :: Fetish Model/Model/Entertainer
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Photographer/model/resident Snob
Sample Post :: 
               Masuimi awoke early this morning, having only been up until 2 am. She yawned and stretched, her eyes darting to the digital clock perched upon her windowsill. It was barely dawn. She grabbed a pair of panties from her bedside table and carelessly slipped them on, heading toward her ‘sacred’ mini fridge. Grabbing the tiny, glossed handle, she threw open the diminutive excuse for a refrigerator. “What will it be today, Rinji?” she turned to the glass terrarium positioned on top of a small table, a large lustrous snake hissing contently. “Whiskey? Sounds good to me.”   Masuimi pulled a bottle from the bottom shelf and kicked the refrigerator closed. She took a large swig from the bottle and forced open a window. “Ohayo, Japan. Yet another day to shove a tripod up someones--”

Comments :: kacey is my lover.(lmao jk.) that is all. ;3

To The Max!

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