Gackt Camui (gatsu_no_love) wrote in asian_affair,
Gackt Camui


Name :: Moralthea or Mo Mo XD
Muse’s Name :: Gackt Camui
Muse’s Journal :: gatsu_no_love
Instant Messengers :: Moralthea for now but later it'll be different XD
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Japanese Rocker
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Vocalist and Soloist or in GacktJob still I don't remember XD
Sample Post :: "Beep...beep...beep..." Screamed the alarm clock on its nightstand. Gackt leaned over smacking the button, turning the annoying thing off. He slowly rose from the covers, wiping the sleep from his eyes. His daschound (sp? XD) pawed softly at his leg, crying slightly. "Yeah, yeah. I know your hungry." He smiled picking her up and walking out into the kitchen.
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