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Name :: Mun-Pai
Muse’s Name :: Matsumoto Hideto (hide!)
Muse’s Journal :: denkimehide
Instant Messengers :: AIM: AmourMana     MSN: MinstrelsRock@hotmail.com
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Japanese rocker~
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Fashion designer

Sample Post ::
Ah, Ginza. The one area where it seemed only two years ago that hide would never be known in. Now, here he was, leaving a party at the exclusive Water Tower building. It amazed him still how he could go from being one of the nameless designers with a store on a Harajuku back-street, to being one of Japan’s most well-known designers in the bat of an eyelash.
He figured it was just a matter of luck (and possibly having all the right connections).
Comments :: I have a picture! :3

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