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Takumi x Shou // (PG) -- First encounter --

Because we like everyone to know what exactly is going on...

Takumi had finally gotten everything organized and neat in his room after taking the whole day to move into it and unpack everything. There had been one more thing that he had to get into his apartment. A huge antique chest that held all of his painting supplies. To say the least, the thing was heavy (more the chest itself then the stuff in it), but he had managed to drag it to his floor. He was almost there, just a bit until his own apartment, although the chest wasn't cooperating, it just seemed to be getting heavier almost. He let go of pulling it for a bit to rest his arms. (he had been wearing a pink sweater, a pair of blue jeans and black and pink converses). He ran his fingers through his hair, which was partly tied up in a ponytail on the side of his head. He could be easily mistaken for a girl if he never opened his mouth.

Shou opened the door to his apartment, slining his black messenger bag over his shoulder. As soon as he stepped out, he saw what appeared to be an attractive young woman struggling with a large chest. He grinned curiously; it had been a long time since any new neighbors had shown up..."Need any help with that?"

Takumi turned to the direction of the voice. He smiled and nodded lightly. "Hai..." he admitted, it came out in a girly way though, only for the fact that he was sort of out of breath.

"All right...What's your room number?" Shou asked as he went to the opposite side of the dresser, figuring that if the other pushed, he could pull. That might work out nicely, but then, he was no engineer or anything.

Takumi gave the other his room number. He stepped on the other side of the chest, figuring that would work the best. He was glad to have bumped into someone willing to help him. He wasn't sure if he could pull it himself any farther.

"Right...I'll just pull it over there then..." Shou grabbed what he could and slowly began dragging it toward the appropriate door. "Jesus! This thing's heavy! What the hell's in here?"

Takumi helped the other by pushing. With them both pulling and pushing the thing it didn't take long to get it to the door of Takumi's apartment. "Um...well, stuff," he replied, laughing a bit, figuring it would be useless to name every specific thing he had in there (canvases, paints, brushes, etc...). "...my painting supplies..." That pretty much summed it up.

Oh, so this person was an artist..."What kinda stuff do you paint then?" Shou let go of the chest and waited for the other to open the door so he could help him get it inside.

Takumi got the door open, pulling the chest inside with the other's help. He looked around his own apartmemt. "Well, anything you see on the walls..." he said lightly to the other. Many of the paintings were of natural beauty...nature, flowers, trees, mythical animals (scenery almost like something you would imagine from a fairy tale). He painted out of his head, never using any kind of model. The paintings themselves seem to have this dark, mystical feeling about them...almost gothic like, something you wouldn't expect from him. Most people would assume he would paint pretty pictures of kittens and such, boy were they wrong.

Shou glanced around the entryway, surprised to see these paintings. They were not what he expected, but he liked them, nonetheless. Whoever this person was, he was obviously very talented. "So...Are you a professional artist then?"

Takumi shook his head. "Oh...oh no...I'm still in school..." he said with a small smile. The only way he had gotten this apartment was the fact that his father had bought it for him. He didn't know how his father could afford such a place, he was still unsure what his father actually did since he hardly ever saw him since the his parent's divorce. He figured his father was doing good for himself.

"Oh, same here," Shou said with a short laugh, "You in college?" He did not want to assume the other was in high school or anything...Most people assumed he, himself, was still in middle school because of his height and face...

"Mm..." Takumi nodded. "I guess you are too?" He figured the other was if he asked to begin with.

"Yep, just started my second year." Finally. Someone who did not assume stupid things.

Takumi smiled. "Me too," he said cheerfully, happy to already have found someone his age or around his age. He moved the chest aside against a wall just to get it out of the way for now. "Ah...my name's Takumi," he said, extending out a hand towards the other.

"I'm Shou," he replied and gave Takumi's hand a shake, accompanied by a short bow, "Nice to meet you."

Takumi smiled and gave a bow himself. "Nice to meet you to Shou-san," he said softly. "Oh and thank you so much for the help...I really thought for a moment there that I wouldn't make it." He admitted, laughing lightly.

Shou shrugged. "It's no problem. Where'd you move here from?" He was always curious about new people, although he had not been there very long, himself.

"Ah, Nagoya," Takumi replied. He was originally from there. He had lived in Europe for quite a while to, before moving back to Nagoya about a year ago.

"Oh...I heard that's a nice place." Shou had never been there, but he was willing to go off of what others said.

Takumi nodded. "It is...well, at least I think it is..." he said with a small smile. "This is quite a nice place too though. Are you from here?"

"I haven't always lived in Ginza, if that's what you mean...But yeah, I've been in Tokyo as long as I can remember." Even when he lived with his father, he had not done much travelling, despite the fact that his old man was always going places...

"Ah..." Takumi nodded lightly. "Ano...I hope I'm not keeping you from something. I mean...were you not headed somewhere?" He had noticed the other's bag over his shoulder.

"Nah. I was just gonna go shopping, since I don't have any classes today." Shou had to admit, he was a bit of a fashion addict. Especially when it came to anything Vivienne Westwood.

Takumi perked up at this. "Ano...shopping?" His father had given him some starting off spending money, and he really needed some new clothes. Not like the one's he had were bad just old. The newest thing he had was the outfit that he had on, the pink sweater, jeans and converses. "Would you mind if I tag along?" he asked. He didn't really want to go alone, considering he knew he would only get himself lost.

Shou grinned and gave him an affirmative nod. Normally he went alone, since most of his friends had different schedules than him. "That'd be great."

Takumi smiled and nodded. "Great," he said, going over to the middle of the room, and picking up the bag he kept his wallet and such in. He went to the mirror, fixing his hair a bit and his sweater. What? He wasn't about to go out looking horrid. He had to check. "All right...ready," he said to the other.

Shou couldn't help but let out a soft laugh. Sure, he always made sure he looked good before he went out, but unlike many others, he made his hair as messy as possible. "Harajuku all right with you? I don't really like shopping around here..."

Takumi nodded. "Mm, that's fine," he said with a smile. He didn't really care where they shopped as long as he found what he needed. And that would be no problem.

"Right...Let's go then..." Shou smiled and headed back to the door of Takumi's apartment. It had been a while since he had had anyone to shop with.

Takumi nodded. He was happy to have met someone so friendly already. He followed the other out of his apartment, shutting and locking the door behind them.

"So...What kind of clothes and stuff do you like?" Shou asked, trying to strike up some sort of conversation. It was a bit strange to be going out with someone he had only met minutes ago, but he figured that it would not be...such a big deal.

Takumi shrugged as they made their way out of the building and down the sidewalk. "I like a lot of different brands..." he said with a small smile. "Um, to name some, I guess BATSU, Super Lovers, Vivienne Westwood, Sexy Dynamite...anything I find fashionable. Ah, I sound like a girl..." He laughed lightly. "What about you?"

"Vivienne Westwood is my favorite...There are others, of course, but that's the one I like the best." Unlike Takumi, Shou had no problem discussing clothes. He knew he liked girly things, and he did not care what others thought about him.

Takumi smiled. "I've noticed," he said, laughing a bit as he noticed that the other was wearing some Vivienne Westwood accessories and such. "Glad to find someone who loves clothes as much as I do..." he said, smiling cheerfully.

Shou laughed and pushed the down button next to the elevators. "Yeah, same here. I guess it's kinda weird that we like that stuff, but it's not like it really matters."

Takumi smiled and shook his head. "Of course not...we are who we are. Can't help that..." he replied, giggling softly as the elevator made it's way to their floor. Once the doors opened, he followed the other inside.

Shou went inside and hit the button for the lobby floor. Another person was already in the elevator, and for some reason, that always made Shou feel a bit odd. He kept quiet the entire way down.

Takumi glanced at the other person as he stood next to Shou. He wasn't sure if he should feel uneasy or not because the man was giving him strange looks. He averted his eyes to the ground.

Finally, the doors opened with a soft ding and Shou sprinted out of the elevator, hoping that Takumi was not far behind. That other person had seemed a bit...intimidating.

Takumi was close behind as he quickly followed the other out of the elevator. He glanced back before looking to Shou. "Ano...he was creepy..." he said with a small sigh of relief from being out of that elevator. "...he was giving me weird looks..."

Shou glanced over at the man, who was walking off in the opposite direction. "Yeah...I'm glad he's not following us..." He shuddered and quickly went to the exit.

Takumi nodded. "I've never run into so many scary people in my life," he said as he followed Shou out the exit into the open air. That wasn't the first creepy guy that had given him strange stares in the time he had been here.

Shou glanced over at Takumi and let out a short laugh. "Tokyo's full of them...You'll get used to it." He had always known people like that were in the city...After moving to Ginza, he'd seen more Yakuza than he ever had living in the Shinagawa district.

Takumi shrugged. "Mm, I hope so..." he sighed lightly. He was still used to Europe and the small more less populated area he stayed in. Tokyo was so big compared to anywhere he had been so it was a lot to get used to.

"Believe me, once you see one freak, you've seen them all...Well...most of them, anyway." He shrugged and held the door open for Takumi once they arrived at the entrance to the subway station.

Takumi laughed. "I'll take your word for it," he said with a smile. "Thanks," he said as the other held the door open for him, walking into the station.

"No problem," Shou said as he walked through the crowd toward the ticket machines. He selected the option for two tickets, figuring he would pay for the ones to Harajuku, and Takumi could pay for the return.

Takumi smiled and followed the other to the ticket machine. He watched as the other paid about to protest, but he figured he just pay on the way back which he figured the other had thought too.

"Here you go." Shou handed him the small, orange slip of paper. "It'll take us about twenty minutes or so to get to Harajuku..."

Takumi took the ticket and nodded. "Wow, actually thought it would take longer than that," he said with a smile. He waited for the other to lead the way. Shou seemed to know where they were going, and it was really Takumi's first time roaming around the city.

Shou shook his head and slipped his ticket through a machine and began heading for the appropriate platform. "Well, the subway stops at every station, but it's pretty fast..."

Takumi followed. "Mm, that's faster than I would expect even after stopping so much..." he said with a smile, nodding lightly. He never did care for subways considering it had to be a magnet for scary people, and it was.

"The stops only last for about three minutes, at the most." Shou led Takumi down a flight of stairs and into a crowded area, where dozens of teenagers were waiting for the subway train to arrive.

Takumi followed stopping as he looked at the crowd. That was a lot of people in one area at a time. The only thing he was worried about was getting lost in that. "Wow, this is the biggest crowed in one area I've ever seen," he admitted with a small laugh.

"This is nothin'!" Shou exclaimed with a laugh, knowing how crowded Harajuku became on Sundays. There were so many people there, normally the streets had to be closed to cars.

Takumi bit down on his bottom lip. "Wow, I'd hate to get lost in that though," he said lightly, thinking how horrible it would be if he lost the other in Harajuku. He hated being lost all alone like that especially in a huge city such as this one.

Shou nodded, understanding how Takumi felt. "Yeah...The first time I went to Ginza with my Dad, I got split up from him." Bitterly, he thought it was because his father merely wanted to get rid of him.

Takumi nodded. "Glad to know I'm not the only one who had an experience like that, but it wasn't as big of a city as this," he said, shrugging a bit. "My father sort of forgot me in a shopping area once in Nagoya when I was little." His father wasn't a person who you would expect to have a kid.

Shou let out a humorless laugh. "Seems dads have a habit of doing that, huh?" As he spoke, the train pulled into the station and the doors opened.

Takumi laughed and nodded. "It seems so," he said with a smile as he watched the train pull up. Once the doors open, he could feel the crowd pushing to get inside. This is what he was afraid of.

Without really thinking about it, Shou simply moved with the crowd and went into the train. He glanced over his shoulder, hoping Takumi would not take too long to get on.

Takumi had been to busy worrying about the rest of the crowd, that when it started moving he hadn't noticed that Shou moved along with it. He began to walk with the crowd himself, once on the train he noticed that show wasn't next to him or around him for that matter. He panicked, looking around frantically. He had a feeling this would happen.

Shou searched around for Takumi, practically falling into a gaggle of teenyboppers when the train starting moving. (Of course, it did not help that he was shorter than most of them...) "Takumi?"

Takumi had found himself in the middle of a group of teenage boys of who were all staring at him. This really wasn't good considering the fact of what he was wearing, easily he could be mistaken for a girl, a really pretty one at that. He looked around. He couldn't move it was so crowded. "Shou?" he called, as he thought he might have heard a hint of what sounded like his own name.

Shou grabbed onto one of the hanging handles and hopped up, taking a quick look around. Once he spotted Takumi, he began making his way over to him.

Takumi stayed still, hoping the other heard him. He was really a bit freaked out be alone with people staring at him like those guys were still doing. He tried his best not to bump into anyone as he looked around, searching for the other.

Finally Shou found him, right as the train made its first stop in Shimbashi. "Hey Taku--" Right as he said this, he stumbled over someone else's foot and went tumbling into Takumi.

Takumi wasn't expecting this, losing his balance from the weight of the other falling against him. He fell to the ground with a thud. "Mmph..." he was confused to what had just happened. He tried to get up with no success, someone on top of him holding him to his place.

Shou blushed and quickly pulled himself back onto his feet. "You ok?" he asked, offering his hand to Takumi. He could feel practically everyone else's eyes on the two of them.

Takumi nodded, taking the other's hand and pulling himself up. "I'm fine," he said softly, blushing as he hadn't realized he was still keeping his hold on the other's hand. He kept his eyes on the floor not wanting to look at the people that were now obviously staring at them.

"Sorry about that..." Shou watched as people went on and off. The doors closed once more and the train took off moments after that.

Takumi looked up at the other slightly, chewing lightly on his bottom lip. "I...it's all right," he said softly. He still had yet to let go of the other's hand, still not realizing this. He was just glad that the other was able to find him.

Shou grinned sheepishly and glanced down at their locked hands. Takumi had quite a grip. "Do you...uh...work out or something? You're squeezing the life outta my hand."

Takumi looked to the other confused before looking down at their hands. He let go quickly, blushing lightly. "I'm so sorry..." he said, shaking his head. "I...I guess I just didn't want to lose you again...sorry..." He looked away a bit embarassed by how clingy he was being.

Shou laughed and shook his head, feeling slightly strange about that comment. "It's ok...I know stuff like this can be pretty scary at first..."

Takumi nodded lightly. "I guess...I just wasn't expecting this..." he replied lightly. "And when I didn't see you, I just sort of panicked." He felt a little stupid for being so oblivious. He should have been expecting such a crowd in a huge city such as this.

"Makes sense...After all, you could have thought that I'd just dumped you off somewhere or something." Shou was relieved that Takumi had not seemed to have thought that...

Takumi shook his head lightly. "I hadn't thought that would be a possibility...I mean you don't seem the kind of person who would do that..." he said, looking to the other. "I guess I was just scared I had lost the first nice person I had met in this city so far..." he laughed a bit. "That and the fact that if I got lost I'd be totally screwed."

"Being lost here isn't a fun experience..." Shou shook his head, remembering how scared he had felt when he was separated from his father...

Takumi sighed. "I would suppose so," he said, not wanting to even think of getting lost here. He had been traumitized enough being left in a shopping area in Nagoya much less being lost in Tokyo somewhere.

After a few more stops were made, the train finally arrived at Harajuku. Without asking, Shou took Takumi's hand again. "This is our stop! Let's go!"

Takumi nodded, blushing lightly as the other took hold of his hand. He let the other lead him through the crowd and off the train.

"Be prepared; that crowd wasn't half as bad as what you're about to see..." Shou warned as they went up the stairs, making sure to keep his eyes on Takumi.

Takumi nodded. He was still surprised of the crowd in the station much less see an even worse crowd. Shou still had a hold of his hand, but he held onto it tightly as the other led him up the stairs.

Shou led Takumi out of the station and right onto Takeshita street, where there were so many people, it was almost impossible to see the sidewalk. Although it was not a Sunday, Shou figured that some popular band or another was performing there that night..."Whacha think?"

Takumi looked around the area. "Oh wow..." he said, surprised by the everything. "Is it even possible to walk through that?" He pointed to the the crowded sidewalks with his free hand. This was definately a new and different experience for him.

Shou shrugged. "Yeah, you just have to be patient and say 'excuse me' a lot if you're in a hurry..." He dealt with the crowds all the time so as long as Takumi stuck near him, he would not have any trouble...He hoped.

Takumi nodded. "All right..." he said, as he motioned to the other to lead the way. He knew the other had been here before so Shou knew what he was doing.

"There's a little store not far from here that sells Vivienne Westwood stuff really cheap. Wanna go there?" Shou did not want to just drag Takumi around to the places he usually went to.

Takumi nodded. "Sure, sounds nice," he said with a smile to the other. He was open to any store that Shou wanted to go too. The other had been here much longer so knew the area better. Plus, they seemed to have the same or close to the same fashion sense so it worked.

"All right," Shou said with a smile. He began down the street, joining with the crowd. It would not take them long to get there...

Takumi followed close behind. He tried as hard to avoid bumping into anyone as they walked through the crowd.

Shou made his way through a fairly large gaggle of lolita girls, practically tripping over one of the girl's shoes. Those girls were always so blind to anyone trying to get anywhere...especially when they were not wearing lolita clothes. Ugh.

Takumi walked through the group of lolita girls behind Shou. One of the girls bumping straight into him, only to go around and keep on walking. No apology or the such. Oh well, Takumi walked on along with the other.

Shou glanced over his shoulder, to make sure that Takumi was still with him. "I'm kinda surprised you haven't been here before now...How long did you say you've been in Tokyo?"

Takumi looked to the other. "Oh...I haven't been here long, only a day or two, and I've been moving in to my apartment," he replied.

"Oh yeah, that's right. Well, if it'd been me, I woulda made time the first day I was here to come here," Shou laughed.

Takumi nodded. "Well, moving and unpacking is a full day job especially if you're doing most of it yourself," he said with a small smile.

"That's true..." Shou was glad he'd had people around to help him move in...He could not have imagined doing it all by himself.

Takumi smiled lightly. "I even woke up really early this morning to finish," he said. He obviously hadn't been fully done, considering he had his painting supplies still to unpack when he got back.

Shou smiled sheepishly. "Oh...Hope I'm not keeping you from it or anything..."

Takumi shook his head. "Oh no...I only have to unpack my painting stuff, and then I'm all done...so nothing really," he replied. "Plus, this is nice. I needed to take a break anyway." He smiled.

"Ah, good then." Shou led Takumi up a narrow flight of stairs and into a very small shop. It was not a very noticable place from the outside, since it was above another, flashier store.

Takumi followed the other up the stairs and into the shop. "You weren't kidding when you said it was small," he said, laughing a bit. Compared to the other's stores he had seen along the way, this was very small, but Takumi liked it, not as many people around.

"Yeah...But I like it. It's got a lot of stuff that isn't sold anymore." Shou always had a thing for rare items. He was not really sure why, but he liked to have things that most other people did not.

Takumi nodded. "I never said I didn't like it...it's nice, hardly any people," he said with a small smile as he let his eyes wander to look around the shop.

"Yeah..." Shou gave an acknowledging nod to the woman working in the store. Over the past few months, he had gotten to know her fairly well. "See anything you like?"

Takumi's eyes wandered to a small table that held a few bits of jewelry, nodding lightly. One bracelet in particular caught his eye. He went over to it, reaching down and letting his fingertips lightly touch it. He recognized this bracelet, it looks like one he had seen once in Nagoya the shopping trip his father had taken him on and forgot about him. He remembered going into a store much like this one, and seeing that bracelet. The owner had even been nice enough to let him wear it until his father came back to bring him home. He tried to get his father to buy it, but his father wasn't the generous of people even to his own son, besides the fact that he said it was too girly for a young man. He had never seen another one like it ever since, so it was a surprise to find it here.

Shou saw the way Takumi's eyes lit up when he spotted the bracelet. He smiled and let Takumi to his own business...there was a blue plaid jacket on a rack that he had been considering purchasing for a while now.

Takumi smiled. This made him very happy. He didn't want to stray from it, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be taken up by anyone else so he went around to find the main reason why he had come, clothes. He looked through a few racks here and there, finding quite a few really cute things. He was already beginning to fall in love with this store.

Shou conviniently had brought enough money for the jacket, so he immediately took it off the rack and paid for it. One of the best things about this place was its prices...They were so much more reasonable than anywhere else's.

Takumi picked out a few things of the rack. A pair of jean capries with little silver stars on one side right on the hip, a white tank top with black and pink stars and hearts on the chest, and a pink and black striped sweater all in his size too. He couldn't help but dress girly, he just liked girls clothing more. He went back to the table to pick up the bracelet and went to pay. The prices surprised him, nothing was even close to over-priced or too expensive which only made his love for this shop grow.

"I'm almost glad not many other people go in there," Shou said with a laugh as they walked out of the store, "Makes it easier to get your hands on stuff, huh?"

Takumi nodded, looking down at his wrist where he had placed the bracelet before he had left the store. "Yeah, that store was worth having to go through all that to get to it," he said, meaning all the crowds and getting lost and such.

"Definitely. It's always my first stop when I come here," Shou said as they reached the end of the stairs.

Takumi nodded. "And now I see why," he said with a smile. "So where off to now?"

Shou thought it over for a moment, remembering the stores Takumi said he liked. "There's a place not far from here that sells Sexy Dynamite stuff. Want to go have a look?"

Takumi nodded excitedly. "Yeah, sure," he said, waiting for the other to lead the way.

"Ok..." Shou wove his way back into the crowd, hoping that Takumi was right behind him.

Takumi followed behind the other. Boy was Shou fast though. He was sort of getting the feeling that he was falling behind when the other was a ways ahead. He picked up his pace almost at a run, once he caught up again as if instinct he took hold of the other's hand without realizing.

Shou felt Takumi's hand entwine with his. He looked back at the taller man and gave him a curious smile. "You ok?"

Takumi bowed his head, nodding almost shyly. "I almost lost you again," he said lightly.

"Oh, right...Well, we don't have very far to go..." Shou blushed, unsure of what he was feeling about Takumi's words and actions.

Takumi blushed lightly, letting go of the other's hand. "I...I'm sorry..." he said softly as he chewed lightly on his bottom lip quite a habit he had developed when the nerves got to him.

"It's all right," Shou said with a shrug. He did not really mind holding the other's hand at all...It was nice.

Takumi nodded. His head still bowed trying to hide how red his cheeks had become.

Shou had not felt so odd and giddy in a long time...It made him feel as though he was back in high school and hanging around with the "cool" kids. Hahaha. He was such a loser.

Takumi composed himself as much as he could looking up to the other. "Uh, maybe we should continue," he said as he could tell people were getting annoyed with the fact that they were standing in the middle of a sidewalk.

Shou grinned stupidly. "Oh yeah...Oops." He turned back and continued down the sidewalk, hearing many people shout at them angrily.

Takumi continued alongside Shou. He started to laugh lightly. He couldn't help it. The situation (with the people shouting at them to move) was pretty funny.

Shou glanced up at Takumi, getting the feeling that he knew what he was laughing about. He could not help but join in. "People are so impatient..."

Takumi nodded. "Yeah, that was pretty funny," he said with a smile, laughing a bit more.

Shou held the door open for Takumi once they reached the shop. He was not too big on Sexy Dynamite, himself, but he did not mind making a stop for his new friend.

Takumi smiled as he walked inside. He was excited, considering he hadn't been clothes shopping in quite a while. He didn't spend anytime waiting and began instantly looking through racks and such.

Shou just decided to follow Takumi, taking a look at what he liked and disliked. "How'd you get into this brand, anyway?"

"Well, originally I didn't care for it, but a friend of mine back in Nagoya was obsessed," Takumi explained to the other as he looked through the clothes. "I guess it just sort of grew on me."

"Oh, yeah. That'll do it, I guess." Shou grinned, thinking about how he'd influenced his friends into liking Westwood.

"Yeah," Takumi smiled, pulling from the rack a pair of plaid pants. He looked a bit more through and settled for just getting the pants. He went over to pay for them, once done turning back to the other. "I think I'm done here...don't want to spend too much," he said, trying to keep himself from buying anymore.

Shou laughed and nodded. "Yeah, there's always gotta be a limit, huh?"

Takumi laughed and nodded. "Yeah, if not then everyone would just be flat broke," he said as they walked out the store.

"Yeah...That wouldn't be too good." Shou laughed softly, figuring that this meant Takumi wanted to return to his apartment.

Takumi smiled. "Um, so do you still have some shopping to do?" he asked. "Or should we get back to the apartment complex?" He enjoyed hanging out with the other.

"Nah." Shou shook his head. "I got what I wanted...Did you?"

Takumi nodded. "Yeah, I'm pretty much done," he replied lightly.

"Ok...Wanna go home, then?" Shou was not sure what else they could do...

"Um..." Takumi couldn't think of what else they could do. "Mm, yeah, I guess," he replied with a nod.

"Ok then...Back to the subway." Shou led Takumi back into the crowd once more, trying to get over to the side that would let them flow back to the station.

Takumi followed Shou. This was new, they were trying to go a different direction than the crowd to get to the crowd moving there way. Takumi was definately finding this difficult especially trying to keep up with the other at the same time. He had let his eyes wander only for a moment, before looking back to where Shou had been previously. But this time, Shou wasn't there. Not again especially getting lost in this big of a crowd. "Shou?" he called through the noise of the crowd as people pushed into him.

Shou was almost back to the entrance to the subway station by the time he realized Takumi was not with him. He glanced around, trying to spot his familiar face. Unfortunately, he did not see him anywhere. "Dammit..." Shou figured Takumi would not have strayed far from whereever he had left him, so he began heading back in the same direction.

Takumi made his way out of a crowd, finding a place were he could stand still without being pushed into. He looked through the crowds. Shou would look for him, of course he would. As long as he waited in one spot, the other would eventually find him if he had noticed he was gone to begin with. Ever since that incident when he father forgot him in that shopping area when he was little, he couldn't help but feel that maybe he was easily forgettable. He was practically panicking as a bit of time passed, and he still hadn't spotted the other.

Shou pushed his way through the crowd, ignoring all the shouts and negative remarks he was receiving. "Takumi?" he called, hoping that the other could hear him...

Takumi hadn't noticed some stray people from the crowd coming towards him. One bumping right into him. "Hey watch where you're going..." the man said, pushing Takumi roughly out the way, losing his balance and falling to the ground as the group ignored him and walked off. He had thought through that time he had heard his name, but it could have just been his imagination. He stayed on the ground, trying his best not to cry in public like this.

Shou pushed past yet another group of lolitas, one of them angrily shoving him forward. He stumbled, falling onto his knees. Cursing, he stood up and ignored the girls' taunts. He had to find Takumi.

Takumi backed up into a wall, pulling his knees up, hugging them close. At least now he was enough out of the way of the crowd...hopefully. He winced as he felt a slight pain coming from his elbow. He looked down to see a scrape from when he had fallen before. He looked up at the crowd once again. His eyes searching for the other. Now the tears were threatening to fall as the time went by, and he still hadn't spotted Shou. He was too afraid to move, knowing that if he stayed still the other would have to eventually find him...he'd probably only get lost more if he did anyway.

Shou could see the Sexy Dynamite store now...Takumi should not be far away, unless he had decided to look for Shou, himself...Shou could see someone sitting against a wall, but he was blocked by someone wearing platform shoes, so he could not get a good view.

Takumi's view was blocked, he leaned to the side to look around the person and spotted a familiar face. "Shou?" he called, as he stood up to get a better look. He wiped at his eyes to get rid of any trace of tears.

Shou turned around, immediately hearing Takumi's voice. He smiled and went back over to the taller man. "Hey! Sorry... I shouldn't have been walkin' so fast."

Takumi smiled, shaking his head lightly. "No it was my fault..." he said lightly, his voice a bit shaky. "I wasn't looking where you were going, and yeah..."

"Well...The fact of the matter is that you're ok. I was worried..." he admitted, feeling a little odd doing so.

Takumi nodded, blushing lightly at the other's words. "Yeah...I was a bit freaked out, I guess...and I got this scrap..." he said showing the other his elbow. "But I'm okay..." He laughed lightly, wiping at his eyes again as they began to water again. He was happy the other found him and cared to find him at that.

"Ohhh...Well, when we get back, I can give you a bandaid or something." Shou shrugged, looking down at the scrape. It did not look too pleasant.

Takumi nodded. "Okay," he said lightly. He hadn't had the time to get supplies such as that quite yet since he just moved here and hadn't had time to shop for certain things. "Mm, let's just get out of here..." he suggested.

Shou laughed and gave an affirmative nod. "All right...I hope you don't think too badly of this place..."

Takumi shook his head. "No...not really, I think I just need to get used to it," he replied, laughing a bit.

"Ah...Yeah, it won't take you long." Shou smiled as they walked back to the subway station.

Takumi smiled lightly. "I hope not," he replied. He really did hope that the other was right.

Shou glared at the lolita girls when they walked passed them again. He really did not want to get into a fight, though, since they were about the same size he was...

Takumi looked down as the lolita girls walked passed again. They really weren't the nicest girls, and they were sort of scary.

Shou was glad to get away from earshot of the girls. They were saying some...not nice things about him. "So...At least you found some stuff you were looking for..."

Takumi nodded, looking down at the two bags in his hands. "Yeah...that was good..." he said with a smile. "And if I hadn't come, I would have never gotten the chance to find this bracelet again."

"Oh? Is there something special about it?" Shou asked curiously.

"Ano...well, maybe it sounds silly, but when my father forgot me in that shopping area when I was younger...I wandered into this one store, and saw this..." Takumi explained. "...and I guess I liked it so much it just sort of kept my mind off the main situation. This is the first time I've seen it again anywhere...like I said a pretty silly reason."

"I don't think that's silly. Makes sense to me," Shou said as he held the door to the interior of the station open for Takumi.

Takumi smiled and nodded as he entered the station. "Well, I'm glad you understand," he said. He wished his father had understood then as well, but some things just couldn't be changed.

Shou led Takumi back to the ticket machines, seeing more lolita girls pour out of the station. Some sort of crazy lolita even must have been going on that day...

Takumi followed the other to the ticket machine, paying for two tickets, watching as more lolita girls walk by. How many of those could they have in one area? He handed one ticket to the other. "Wow, more...they like multiply or something..." he joked.

"They tend to travel in huge packs," Shou said seriously and accepted the ticket.

Takumi giggled softly. "You make them sound like wolves..." he said. Although, they were a bit similar.

Shou raised both his eyebrows. "You saw them! You know it's true."

Takumi laughed, nodding. "Okay, well...yeah...maybe..." he said with a grin.

"Oh well...At least we don't have to hang around them all the time," Shou said with a sigh of relief as he stuck his little orange ticket through the machine.

Takumi nodded, doing the same as he followed Shou. "Well, that's a good thing..." he replied with a smile.

"Yep..." Shou went to the appropriate platform, knowing that the train should arrive any minute.

Takumi followed, waiting with the other for the train. It didn't take long for it to reach the platform though.

"We should do this again sometime, despite getting split up, it was fun," Shou said as the train pulled up.

Takumi nodded, smiling sweetly at the other. "Yes, I really had a great time despite..." he said, laughing a bit.

((Lost this part of the log...pretty much the get on the train and as they go along all the people getting on and off push them together (cute I know XD)...um, then Shou comments on how nice Takumi's hair smells...))

"Hey..." Shou said, breaking the silence between them, "What kinda shampoo do you use? Your hair smells nice..." Sure, it was a random question, but it was a good way to have a conversation.

Takumi blushed lightly at the other's words. "Um...thanks," he replied as he told the other the brand he used. "It's strawberry..." he said. He liked the smell so he always used it.

"Ah...Yeah, I thought that's what it was," Shou said with a laugh, "My first girlfriend used strawberry stuff too." Whoa! That was really random. Shou shut up, feeling like a bumbling idiot. Why in the world did he compare Takumi to his ex-girlfriend?

"Oh..." Takumi found that a bit strange, but ignored it. He wasn't sure what he should say to that so he fell silent once again.

Shou chewed on his lip ring, giving himself a mental kick in the ass for mentioning such frivolous information. But really...Takumi was a boy! He didn't...like boys! ...Did he?

Takumi was fighting the same battle in his head. He wasn't sure why he had been getting these feelings for a boy. Well, he really never had any kind of relationship not even with a girl, so he wasn't sure. He thought he liked girls, but this was really the first time that he had gotten feelings like this, and it was for another guy so it sort of confused him.

Shou really wished he knew what was going on with his brain. It seemed to be severely malfuntioning. After all, he had only just met Takumi. It was not like he had known him for months and months...so why did he have these feelings? "Eeeh..." Shou was not sure what to say, but was cut short anyway when the train took off again and this time, it was he who went crashing into Takumi.

Takumi stumbled a bit as the other crashed into him. He found he had lost hold of the handle. His arms, both of them now securely wrapped around the other's shoulders as he wanted to keep his balance and not fall again. He opened his eyes (having closed them after being bumped into) noticing how close their faces were now, Takumi only be slightly but not much taller than the other. He blushed lightly, blinking as he tried to figure out the situation.

Shou smiled nervously, his face warm with blush. "Uh...Sorry about that...Guess I wasn't paying attention..."

Takumi shook his head lightly. "Mm...it...it's all right..." he replied softly. "I guess we...both need to start paying more attention..." he said laughing nervously, forgetting that he still hadn't let go of the other.

"Yeah...No wonder we got split up, huh?" Shou asked with a short laugh. It seemed they were both too absentminded for their own good.

Takumi smiled and nodded. "Well, you're good at finding me so I guess that makes up for that..." he said, giggling lightly.

"Yeah...I was worried; I thought you'd just given me the slip!" He was really just teasing.

Takumi stared at the other, shaking his head. "Why would I do that?" he asked, not catching that the other was just teasing.

Shou laughed and tapped him on the nose. "I was just joking. Don't worry."

Takumi blushed lightly but smiled. "Oh..." he said, feeling a bit stupid. "Sorry."

"It's ok. It might of not been too obvious..." Shou shrugged slightly.

Takumi shook his head lightly. "No, it probably was...but I guess I can be a bit slow at times," he said, laughing nervously. He had finally noticed that he was still practically hugging the other, his arms still loosely wrapped around the other's should shoulders which only made him blush deeply as he really couldn't move to begin with so he was now sort of stuck like this until the next stop.

Shou wondered what his friends would think of him if they saw him with his arms around another man. Eh...They'd probably tease him for a day and then leave it be. Besides, even if they did have a problem with it, it was not like they could do anything about it.

Takumi yawned lightly. This day was one eventful one, and standing still so long against the other like this was sort of relaxing. "Mm..." he sighed lightly. He had even almost forgotten about the scrape on his arm, only ever once in a while stinging if it brushed against something.

Shou wobbled slightly when the train made its second stop. He was not sure what to do...whether to move away from Takumi or just stay like this. Honestly, he would rather go for the latter option.

Takumi blinked. He wondered why the other didn't move away when he had the chance, well he didn't make any moved to either. He smiled lightly to himself. He was glad the other didn't though.

Shou could see the other people around them giving them strange looks. He wondered what they thought his relationship with Takumi was...not that it really mattered.

Takumi looked around at the strange looks they were getting. For the first time, it didn't bother him in this situation. Actually the looks they were getting were sort of amusing, he couldn't help but laugh. He buried his face in the crook of the other's neck just to hide the fact that he was giggling at the people not wanting to seem rude or anything.

Shou frowned slightly, looking over at Takumi, although all he could see was the side of his head. "What's funny?"

Takumi shook his head, trying to calm himself. "I'm sorry..." he said between small giggled, his voice a bit muffled. "The looks those people are giving us...it's just funny...I'm sorry, maybe it's really not funny...but I couldn't help it."

"Ah yeah...They probably think we're lovers or something." Shou shrugged slightly, letting out a soft laugh.

Takumi blushed lightly. "Yeah..." he said softly. "Well...let them think what they want...I guess..." He moved his head back to look at the other, feeling a bit nervous.

Shou grinned. "Yeah..." He really did not care about what a bunch of strangers thought anyway.

Takumi nodded, smiling lightly. He buried his face into the other's neck again, finding that he liked doing this. "Yeah...let them think what they want..." he repeated in a soft almost inaudible tone.

Shou really was not sure what made him do it, but before he knew it, he reached up and ran his hand through Takumi's dark hair. "Er..." He quickly moved his hand away. "Sorry...Uh..."

Takumi blushed lightly as he felt the other's hand run through his hair but moving away much too soon. He shook his head lightly. "N...no...it's all right..." he said softly. "It...felt nice..." His own words making him blush even more.

Shou really wished he knew what was wrong with him. Why was he acting so silly? Takumi probably thought he was a weirdo!

Takum sighed contently, feeling so comfortable around the other almost forgetting that they had only just met that morning. But strangely it didn't feel that way, it didn't feel like they had just met. Takumi wasn't sure why he felt this, but he liked the way he felt being around the other.

The train stopped at Shimbashi. The next stop would be where they'd have to get off. Shou felt nervous now, wondering why his hands seemed to acting on their own...and why he felt like he just wanted to stay in Takumi's arms.

Takumi watched the people getting off and on at the next stop, before the train started up again. If he remembered correctly the next stop would be theres. He tightened his arms around the other a bit. He liked being like this with the other that he was sort of disappointed that they would have to get off soon.

Shou noticed Takumi's actions and started nervously chewing on his lip ring. He was certainly going to have a lot to think about now...

It didn't take long for the train to stop again. This was there stop. Takumi forced himself to let go of the other. "...sorry..." he whispered, blushing as he looked to the floor.

"It's all right..." Shou did the same, scratching the back of his head as he made his way off of the train with Takumi. He had not felt this way in...a very, very long time.

Takumi followed the other off the train. His mind in a whirl as it was trying to sort out all of these strange feelings.

"Well...Uh...That was awkward," Shou said as they walked to the exit of the station. He did not mean it in a negative way. That had just been how it came out.

Takumi looked up at the other. "Oh..." he said softly. It was almost like his heart dropped at the other's words. He knew he shouldn't think the other had felt the same of whatever he was feeling...the other seemed to like girls, so he was stupid enough to even think he had a chance. He shook his head lightly, wondering where those thoughts had come from. Why was he just thinking things like that?

Shou practically pulled his lip ring out with his teeth. "Agh...Uh...Let's go home?"

Takumi looked to the other and nodded. "Um...yeah..." he said. "...okay..."

He felt like smacking himself in the head. The 'that was awkward' comment had obviously upset Takumi. Now he was just digging himself into a hole that he would never be able to get out of.

Takumi followed the other as they made there way back to the apartment building. He sort of felt like it was a good idea that they were going back now. The other's comment hurt more deeply than he thought it had originally, and now it really did feel awkward.

Shou wanted to apologize, but he really was not sure how to go about it. If he did say he was sorry, he would have to explain why he thought it was awkward...Damn him and his mouth.

Takumi kept silent the whole way back, thinking and just wondering to himself. He rubbed at his elbow lightly, wincing as he had forgotten about his scrape.

Occasionally, Shou glanced at Takumi, wondering if the other was really mad about what he'd said or not. He figured the answer was probably 'yes.'

Takumi kept his eyes averted from the other. It's not like he was angry, just...maybe a bit saddened and hurt. He tried his best to hide the fact, not having much luck.

Shou opened the door that led to the lobby of their apartment building. "Um...I really had fun today...and...I'm sorry about what I said, about it being awkward and stuff. Sometimes my mouth just kinda...says stuff it doesn't mean..."

Takumi looked up at the other finally. "O...oh...it's okay," he replied lightly as he walked into the lobby. He still sort of felt hurt. Yes the other's words made him feel a little better, but they were only words.

"Yeah...So...uh...Guess I'll see you later," Shou mumbled and headed to the stairwell. He really was not sure what he could do, but he had to make up his rude comment some how...Just, at the moment, he was too confused to think of a decent solution.

Takumi blinked as the other headed towards the stairs, thinking of something he could say. "W...wait," he called to the other as he made his way over, acting before thinking on the way over still trying to think of something...almost like he was trying to find an excuse to stay with the other. "Um...bandaid?" he simply said as he pointed at his elbow.

Shou stared at Takumi's elbow dumbly for a moment. "Oh! Crap, sorry. I forgot about that. Yeah, c'mon. I'll give you one." He gave himself a mental kick in the ass as he headed up the stairs.

Takumi nodded as he made his way up the stairs with the other. Well, at least he had an actual real excuse instead of having to make one up.

Shou unlocked the door to his small, but still expensive, messy apartment. It was a typical bachelor's pad, complete with pizza boxes stacked up against the walls and everything. "Er...Don't mind the mess..."

Takumi walked into the other's place. Yeah, he couldn't argue that it wasn't a mess, because it was. He nodded, letting his eyes wander around the aparment.

Shou ran off to the bathroom, returning shortly with a bandaid. "Here ya go," he said quickly and handed it to him.

Takumi took the bandaid. "Thanks..." he said. The other went so quickly, Takumi almost got the idea that maybe Shou was trying to get away from him. Maybe...he was. He stood silently for a moment. "I...guess I'll go now..." he said as he turned, walking towards the door to leave. Boy did he have some things to sort out.

"Uh...um...Ok." Shou was about to leave it at that, but then he looked up at Takumi, a nervous expression on his face. "If you ever wanna...hang out or anything, just come over, ok? I really did have fun today..."

Takumi turned, looking back at the other. He smiled and nodded. "Okay...and I had a great time too..." he said lightly, blushing a bit. "Um, thanks again." He finally reached the door and exited.
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