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Takumi x hide // (PG) -- Modelling --

hide asks Takumi about modelling...

It was around ten thirty at night. A fairly early time for hide to be returning to his apartment, but that was probably because he was being pursued by a group of journalists for some fashion magazine. By now, he figured they would know to leave him alone! He entered the lobby, looking around for a way to get them to go away. Even if he went up to his apartment, he got a feeling they would just follow him up there. How annoying.

"Thanks," Takumi said to the lady at the front desk. He had just gotten done talking with the clerk at the front desk. He needed to get a few things still settled and well he had almost forgotten. Luckily, it wasn't too late when he remembered.

One of the journalists was right about to tap hide on the shoulder, when he spotted a fairly attractive looking person standing at the front desk...Hm. That would work. "Hey!" he said, putting his arm around the stranger's shoulders. "Sorry I'm late..." He smiled at the young man and led him toward the elevators, taking a moment to glare over his shoulder at the journalists.

Takumi blinked, having really no time to say anything as the made led him to the elevators. He stared at the other, giving him a strange look. Okay, he had thought he met the creepiest of people already, seems he was wrong.

hide pushed the up button, keeping his other arm around the surprised stranger. "Sorry, kid, just play along for a few more minutes, ok?"

Takumi bit down on his bottom lip, glancing as he noticed the other doing it before. All he could see coming towards them what looked like news people and journalists. He looked back to the stranger, and nodded. Who was this exactly?

As soon as the elevator doors opened, hide rushed in, keeping this cute stranger at his side. He hit the button to close the doors before anyone else could get on, immediately removing his arm from around the other's shoulders. "What floor are ya on?" he asked as he pushed the button for the eighth floor, which was where his apartment was.

"Um...3," Takumi answered lightly as he just stood there. He figured the other had to be pretty famous or something around here if all those reporters were following him. But he was sort of shy to ask considering he really had no clue who this man was.

"All right...What's your name?" hide asked as he pushed the three button. He pulled off his green hat, revealing his short, almost fluorescent pink hair.

Takumi blinked as he looked at the main unnaturally pink hair. "...Takumi..." he replied. "And you are?" For some reason the man seemed strangely familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"I'm hide." he replied simply. Most people in this area knew who he was anyway, so he rarely introduced himself. "You new around here?"

Takumi thought he might have recognized the name from a magazine. "Um, yes...just got here yesterday," he replied with a small nod.

"You like it here?" It was odd how he rarely worded questions as questions. They were more like statements with the tonation of his words going up at the end. Haha. It was a habit.

Takumi nodded. "It's all right...I guess I still need to get used to it though," he said with a small smile.

hide grinned. "Definitely. But you handled what I did well, so I think it won't be a problem."

Takumi smiled and nodded lightly. He never did well with conversing with strangers, or people he had just met. Shou was a different case. He wasn't really a talker when it came down to it, more of a listener.

hide kept his eyes on Takumi for a few moments, recognizing the designers of the clothing he was wearing. "So, you like Sexy Dynamite, huh?" Takumi was not the first boy he'd met who liked that brand...

Takumi looked to the other. He had almost forgotten that he was wearing some clothes from the brand. "Yeah," he replied with a nod.

"Looks nice on you." The elevator reached the third floor and the doors slid open. "Say...Have you ever considered modelling as a career?"

Takumi blushed. He shook his head. "No...not really..." he said. He didn't think he was that attractive enough to be even close to a model of any sort.

hide followed Takumi out of the elevator. "I'm surprised you haven't--you'd be good." He would know. He had an eye for this sort of thing.

Takumi looked to the other man. "Ano...no, I don't think I'd be cut out for that sort of thing," he replied. He was way to shy to be a model, and he still didn't think he had the looks for it.

hide let out a whistful sigh. "That's too bad. So many people don't realize they have the potential until it's too late," he said dramatically and began heading back toward the elevator.

Takumi stood there for a moment thinking. "Um...hide-san...wait," he called as he bit down lightly on his bottom lip. "Why are you saying this?" he asked. Was the other offering to give him some sort of job? Takumi actually wanted some sort of job that way he didn't have to depend on his father too much for money.

hide stopped and turned around when he heard Takumi say his name. "Well...Why else would I say it? I don't give people complements and suggestions unless they actually deserve 'em."

Takumi nodded. "So...you really think I could do something like that?" he asked. He wasn't sure if he'd actually do something like that to make some extra money, but it was a thought to keep just in case.

hide shrugged, giving Takumi a quick once over. "You've got the looks, but do you think you've really got what it takes?"

Takumi shrugged. "I'm...not really sure..." he said. Like he knew what it would be like, he'd never even modeled before. He hadn't even thought about modeling so he wasn't sure if he could do it or not.

"What I mean is, if you don't have the right personality, modelling can be hell. A lot of people know they've got the looks and then they go in for a photoshoot and end up ripping off everybody else's heads cause they think they gotta have it their way." hide had dealt with dozens of people like that...They were all fired now, of course.

Takumi nodded, well he could never be like that to anyone so that wasn't a problem. "So what do you consider the right personality?" he asked the other curiously.

"Somebody who's willing to be in the limelight but not let it go to their head. Somebody who's outgoing and not afraid to try weird stuff." hide knew that shy people could be models, but it was always hard for them to get started.

Takumi nodded, wondering if he could actually really do something like that. "Well...I suppose it's something to think about..." he said with a small smile about the whole modeling thing. He guessed he needed some time to think about it.

"It's worth a try, wouldn't you say?" hide knew Takumi had potential...It just had to be unlocked the right way.

"Yeah...I guess it would be," Takumi replied with a nod. "Guess it really wouldn't hurt to try..."

hide grinned, pleased to see Takumi agreed. "Right! I think you'll see that it's a good job. Certainly pays well, that's for sure."

Takumi nodded, smiling lightly. It was definately something that would be worth the money. He wasn't sure how much it paid, but he was sure it paid pretty well like the other said. Yes. it definately wouldn't hurt to try.

"Well, whenever you make your decision, just leave a note for me in my mailbox. I'm on the eighth floor, number three." Of course hide could not give him his phone number, like a normal person. He was barely ever at his apartment anyway.

Takumi nodded. "All right, I will...thank you hide-san," he said with a smile. "It was really nice meeting you." This sort of brightened him up a bit.

"Nice meeting you too, Takumi. I hope you tell me your decision soon!" hide was always enthusiastic about finding new people to put into the industry. Takumi would be one of the many he had recruited.

Takumi nodded. "I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible," he said with a small smile. "Have a nice night hide-san." What an eventful day!

"You too." hide made a little wave and went back to the elevator, which of course, had left without him.

Takumi waved as he turned to walk back towards his apartment. He sort of wanted to tell someone about this. At a time like this, Takumi really wished he had a friend to talk to...well...maybe, he did...
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