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Takumi x Shou // (PG?) -- Making Up --

A talk, a movie(Ju-On, better known as "The Grudge"), and a kiss...

Takumi had thought for a while finally gathering up any courage he had to go talk with Shou about he previous encounter. He stood in front of the door of the other's apartment, biting nervously on his bottom lip maybe a very big habit now. He let out a deep breath before knocking lightly on the door. He hadn't really looked at the time before he had left, so he didn't notice how late it was.

Shou practically jumped out of his skin when he heard someone knock on the door. Since he was in the middle of watching Ju-On, he was really jittery. Why he was watching a scary movie, when he was scared of them, he did not know. He grabbed his blanket and put it around his shoulders because all he was wearing was a pair of boxers. Once he was sure it covered him up, he went to the door and opened it slowly. "Y-yeah?" he asked without knowing who it was. The door was only opened about a crack.

Takumi waited patiently before he saw the door crack a bit. "Um...Shou?" He wondered why the other had only opened the door a crack.

Shou let out an enormous sigh of relief. It was not some crazy ghost thing coming to get him; it was just Takumi...Takumi?! At that moment, he was more scared of Takumi than he was any ghost! "Errrr....Yep, it's me..."

Takumi noticed the other wrapped in a blanket. "Um...sorry...I forgot how late it was..." he said softly, looking to the floor. "...maybe I should come back another time..." He hated his nerves.

"No! No, it's ok. I wasn't sleeping anyway...just watchin' a um...a movie." Shou opened the door more and grinned nervously. He doubted he would be able to sleep at all that night anyway.

Takumi nodded. "Oh...okay..." he looked up at the other. Why did he always feel so nervous around the other? Well, maybe the comment the other made before was still bothering him. "Um...what movie are you watching?" he asked, might as well try to keep his mind off of his nerves.

Shou laughed sheepishly. "Ju-On. It's...uh...interesting...Um...Do you wanna come in?" he asked, thinking it was rude of him to just make Takumi stand there.

Takumi nodded. "Yeah, sure..." he said as he stepped into the other's apartment. "Um...Ju-On...isn't that supposed to be really scary?"

"Yeah, it is. I'm about to give up on it. I'm not too good with scary movies..." Shou looked over to the television, where the movie was paused right in the middle of the public bathroom scene. Ugh.

"Um...well, I've been curious to see that movie...maybe if you had someone to watch it with, it wouldn't be so bad?" Takumi couldn't really stop himself. He felt so nervous around the other, yes...but he also felt comfortable at the same time which was just weird.

Shou had not thought about that. "Huh...Yeah, you're probably right...It's at about the middle of the movie, if you don't mind just starting from there..." He shuffled back over to the small couch, suddenly wondering what had made Takumi decide to come over at twelve thirty at night.

"Yeah, that's fine..." Takumi said with a nod as he followed the other to the couch. He sat down next to the other, he was getting that somewhat giddy feeling again.

Shou looked over at Takumi, all that was visible of him now was the top of his head and his strangely big eyes. "Can I ask you something?"

Takumi looked over to the other. "Oh...sure..." he replied with a small nod.

"Do you have something you wanted to talk with me about? Cause it's...no offense, it's kinda weird to get visitors in the middle of the night." Shou shuffled his feet underneath the blanket.

Takumi blinked. "Oh...I'm sorry...yeah, I did have something I sorta wanted to talk about," he said with a small nod. "So what do you think about models, or well modeling in general?" he asked. It was quite random, but he'd eventually explain to the other why he was asking this.

Shou quirked an eyebrow, finding this question to be very random, indeed. "Models? I think the European ones look like heroine addicted corpses...But I think they're cool anyway..."

Takumi nodded. "So models make a pretty decent amount of money, do you think?" he asked.

"Yeah...I guess...They all have nice clothes and stuff..." Shou knitted his fingers together, wondering where Takumi was going with this. He knew that it was not like he was going to get offered a modelling job; he was much too short...So what was going on?

"Okay," Takumi looked to the other. "So...you think I'd make a pretty decent model." He wanted at least someone else's opinion on this before he actually decided.

Shou sat up straighter, surprised to hear this. "Uhhhh...I gue--I mean, I think you'd do a good job!" He really needed to learn how to phrase his thoughts in a nicer way.

"Oh..." Takumi nodded lightly. "So do you think I'm decent looking enough to model?" He couldn't help but ask. He really needed something to reassure him on his decision.

"I think so. It'd be awesome to see you in magazines and stuff...I mean, not like...porn magazines or anything..just...you know." Shou clenched his teeth together, feeling more and more like an idiot with each word.

"I know what you mean..." Takumi said, giggling softly. He couldn't help it. Shou was so cute sometimes. Wait, he didn't just think that. "Um, well...thanks...I guess I just needed someone else's opinion on it before I decide," he said, forgetting that he still hadn't explained to Shou what brought this on.

Shou's already large eyes widened. "Eh? What? Decide what?"

"Oh...right...I should explain," Takumi said, feeling stupid for not explaining the situation. "Well earlier I met this guy...ano, and he asked if I ever thought about modeling. To keep a long story short, he told me to contact him when I decided if I wanted to try it or not." He explained to the other. "Um, he seems nice enough...and pretty well known, there were these reporters following him. His name was hide...he had really bright pink hair. Do you know him?"

"Wow! Yeah, I've heard a bit about him. He's a pretty famous designer. You're lucky! It's hard to get him to notice just about...anybody." Shou was happy for Takumi, but he could not help but feel slightly jealous at the same time.

"Really? I sort of feel bad for not knowing who he is...I mean I think I've seen his name mentioned in a magazine before, but..." Takumi frowned a bit. "I would feel bad taking the offer though. I'm sure there are many people who want to model for him, and here I am considering it when I hardly know anything about him." He felt bad for wanting to take a job that someone more deserving should have. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Shou shrugged. "If it was me, I'd accept it. It's not every day that stuff like that happens." He was amazed at Takumi's luck...Only having been here two days and already he was getting offers like that!

"Yeah, I guess," Takumi nodded. "So you think I should take the offer? I never expected someone to ever give me such an offer, so I don't really know what I should do."

"It's up to you, really...I think you should try it--what can it hurt?" Shou wished he was as lucky as Takumi...

Takumi nodded. "I guess it wouldn't hurt," he said with a small sigh. "All right...I think I'll give it a try..." He smiled slightly.

Shou smiled in return. He really was happy for Takumi...After all, it was not often things like this happened to people--especially people he knew. "Cool. I wanna see your pictures."

Takumi smiled and nodded. He looked back to the tv. "Well, see...I told you the movie would be less scary with someone watching with you," he said jokingly, giggling lightly as they weren't even really watching the movie.

"Yeah, I almost forgot about it..." Shou laughed softly, glancing back to the television. Of course, when Takumi left, all his nightmares about a ghost coming out of his toilet or where ever, would just come right back.

Takumi stared at the screen. He never really handled scary movies very well, and yet he offered to watch it with the other. It wasn't even a few minutes when he started watching that he was beginning to feel jittery, looking away at parts he didn't want to see.

"Eeeh..." Shou suddenly found himself scooting closer to Takumi as the movie continued. This was too crazy for him. If he had been alone, he would have turned it off by now.

As much as Takumi wanted to look away, his eyes stayed on the screen, scooting closer to the other everytime a scary part appeared out of nowhere. He practically jumped everytime something decided to appear out of nowhere.

By the end of the movie, Shou was practically smushing his shoulder against Takumi, hiding under the refuge that was his blanket.

Takumi watched as the credits rolled. He looked around the dark room. Why did people insist on watching scary movies in the dark? He looked over to the ball of blanket next to him, poking at it. "Shou? Y...you okay..." Boy was he not getting any sort of sleep tonight.

Shou snaked one skinny arm out from underneath his blanket and reached over to flick on the lamp near the couch. "I'm...fiiiine...."

Out of nowhere came a huge crashing sound, and a bright light coming from outside. Takumi practically screamed as he clung to the other. Although it was only thunder and lightening, this was really not the best time for it to start raining.

Shou jumped out of his blanket and latched onto Takumi's arm, completely forgetting that he was barely wearing anything. "Aaaah...Damn that was scary..."

Takumi nodded. "Why does that always seem to happen when you watch a scary movie?" he asked, still clinging to the other, shaking from the surprise of the rain.

"That's a really good question...It's just not fair!" Shou whined, glancing toward the window.

Takumi nodded. "No it's not..." He stared around the room again scared that something would all of a sudden pop out of nowhere.

"This sucks...I have class in the morning...I'm gonna be so dead." Why did Shou even start watching that movie in the first place?

Takumi looked to the other. Realization hit him, as he let go of the other, blushing lightly when he realized that Shou was half naked.

Shou stared at Takumi for a moment. He really had not wanted to let go of the other, but when Takumi moved away, he did too. "Uuuh...Well...I guess I should try to get some sleep..."

Takumi nodded. "Oh right...I should leave then," he said, a bit in disappointment. He didn't make a move to get up from the couch though. He knew the other had school tomorrow, and well he did too, but he didn't want to leave.

Shou did not even notice that he was just sitting there in his boxers. Normally, that would bother him and make him feel very embarrassed. "Er...Takumi, I really am sorry about what I said the other day...I'm just not..uh...used to hugging other guys and stuff I guess."

Takumi looked over to the other. "Me...me neither," he said, shaking his head lightly. "And...it's okay, I understand if you weren't comfortable. I'm sorry..."

"You don't havta apologize. I really shouldn't of said what I said..." Shou really had been quite comfortable with it, but he really was not sure if he wanted to say that or not.

Takumi shook his head lightly. "No...you have the right to say what you want...it's just..." he was going off without noticing again. "I mean...nevermind..."

Shou's brow furrowed. If Takumi wanted to say something, he should say it. He hated being dishonest with people and he did not really like it when people were dishonest with him...But that really was not the case this time. "Please say it...I know what I said was stupid and it probably upset you..."

Takumi nodded, looking away from the other. "...I guess it did sort of upset me..." he replied. "I mean it didn't anger me...it just sort of...hurt..." Almost whispering the last part, he stared down at his lap trying not to look at the other.

Shou wondered what he could say to take back those words. "I wish I had something to say to make it better...I feel like such a jerk..."

Takumi looked up to the other. "Oh really...it okay. I shouldn't have let it get too me...they're just words..." he said with a small sigh.

Shou shook his head. Words hurt more than phsyical wounds did, he had found. "No. It was dumb of me to say that. You have every right to upset or mad at me."

Takumi shook his head. "I'm not mad at you..." he said softly. "I don't think I could ever...be mad at you..." His words pushing from his lips like he had no control over them.

Shou felt relieved at that. "I think the same goes for me. You're a really nice guy..." A guy, that was what he was. Shou had never thought of himself as a homosexual, and as far as he knew, he was not one...But there was just something about Takumi...

Takumi smiled lightly and nodded. "You are too," he replied. He had never thought about having feelings like this for another guy, and this was really the first time he had so that confused him.

Shou glanced back to the window, unsure of what to say or do now. Honestly, he did not want Takumi to leave and it was not just because he was scared of being alone now...

Takumi sat there silently, looking to his lap. "Um, should I go? You have school tomorrow right? Unless you want me to stay...and I mean...I wouldn't mind staying longer..." He should have just shut up, but no he had to ramble.

"Oh...Um...Yeah, I think...I'd like it if you stayed...I mean, it's not like...we're gonna...Nevermind, I don't know where I was going with that." Shou really was not sure why he could not seem to talk now.

"Okay," Takumi said, blushing lightly. He guessed he would be staying then. This only made him more nervous, just sitting there in the dark, silence surrounding. He didn't know what to do or what to say at that so all he did was sit there waiting for the other to do or say something.

Now that Shou had said he could stay, he was not sure what to do. Well, for one thing, he could stop blinding Takumi with his white skin. So, he picked up his blanket and threw it over himself, feeling embarrassed that it had been gone at all.

Another crash of thunder came from outside only succeeding in making Takumi shake. He hated thunder and lightening. Sure, he loved the rain without the noise, but otherwise he just didn't like it.

"I heard that if you see a lightning bolt you can count to twelve and then thunder claps. Isn't that weird?" Shou was trying to make conversation, but he had a feeling that would just make him sound like a nerd.

Takumi blinked, smiling lightly. "Yeah, that is weird," he said shakily. "Do you know how to make it stop all together?" He added jokingly, laughing a bit.

Shou frowned slightly, wondering if there was a way to do such a thing. "Nah...I just know useless information, I guess."

Takumi nodded and smiled. "It's okay...I like your useless information..." he said, laughing a bit.

For reasons unknown to himself, Shou felt his face warm with blush. "Heh. Thanks." He liked receiving complements from Takumi as much as he liked giving them.

Seeing the blush on the other's face only made Takumi blush himself. He had noticed how every one of there conversation turned into silence and all of a sudden they seemed to both get really shy and silent. He wondered why.

Shou really hated the fact that all these awkward silences kept popping up. He did not know why that kept happening, but he wished that it would stop. "So...um...Do you think you'll stay in Tokyo for long?"

Takumi nodded. "I think I'll stay for a while...at least for the rest of this school year," he replied. "I'll see after that. I guess if I find something to stay for I will...but I don't know how long after the school year I'll stay."

"Oh...Well, at least you'll be here for a while!" Shou knew it was normal for students to move in, stay a couple of months, and then leave again. Every one he befriended had ended up leaving. He hoped it would not be the same with Takumi.

Takumi nodded. "But I suppose I could stay after the school year...if it means staying with..." he stopped himself, blushing madly. He really couldn't believe he almost just said that.

Shou tilted his head slightly to the side, wondering why Takumi cut himself off. Was he going to say something along the lines of 'staying with you?' No...That could not be the case. Why would anybody like shrimpy little Shou? "Ah...Yeah...Guess you just gotta wait and see what happens."

"...you," Takumi finally let out when the other was talking. "I mean...yeah..." he said softly as he looked down to his lap feeling a bit embarassed. He wondered if the other had even heard.

Shou heard something come out of Takumi's mouth when he was speaking. Perhaps he had finished his sentence. "Sorry...What did you say?"

Takumi bit down on his bottom lip as he wondered if he should say it again. He meant it...and he didn't want to be dishonest with the other. "I said...I wouldn't mind staying...if it means staying with you..." he said, mumbling the last part.

Shou could hardly believe his prediction was correct. He nervously scratched the back of his head, his mind racing, trying to come up with something to say. "Oh...Jeez...I dunno what to say...'cept I'm flattered."

Takumi shook his head. "I...I'm sorry...maybe I shouldn't have said that..." he whispered. He found he couldn't look at the other, not now...so his eyes stayed on his lap.

"No..It's ok. I just...wasn't expecting that, I guess," Shou said, "Thanks for being honest though...I know how hard that can be..."

Takumi nodded, still not sure what the other really thought about what he had said. "Would you like it if I stayed?" he blurted out quickly. He practically cursed at himself for that, but he was curious to hear what the other would say.

That was a question that had an easy answer. "Yeah, I would! It'd suck if you left...Who else would I have to go shopping with and get lost with?"

Takumi laughed, nodding lightly. "Yeah," he said. "There's no one else I'd like to get lost with too..." He smiled, looking over to the other.

Shou smiled also, feeling strangely happy upon hearing those words. Was he falling for Takumi? Or was it just some other kind of strange feeling? "We'll have to get lost more often...Only, not get separated."

Takumi giggled lightly and nodded. "Yeah..." he said. "Getting lost together...getting lost alone is not fun." He laughed a bit.

"Oh, yeah, that's true." Shou liked the idea of running around Tokyo with Takumi...He could not wait to do it more often.

Takumi nodded. "Mm, getting lost together..." he repeated lightly. "I like the way that sounds." He said almost in a dream-like way.

"...Me too..." Shou glanced nervously at Takumi, a small smile on his face.

Takumi nodded as he stared at the other. He couldn't help it, but he could feel himself getting lost in those eyes. He found he couldn't look away.

Shou stared right back, wondering what his parents would think if they saw him now...Bah, like it actually mattered.

Takumi kept up his stare. He wondered how his father would feel about him now. His father had always been on him about him being so feminine like. Wouldn't he be surprised if Takumi were to tell him he liked another boy.

Shou decided to take a chance. A crazy chance, but oh well. He pushed himself up and gave Takumi a light peck on the cheek.

Takumi blinked as he tried to register what just happened. He blushed lightly still not looking away from the other.

Shou's heart was thumping faster than he thought was even possible. His face was about as red as a tomato. "Uhhhh...Sorry..."

Takumi shook his head, trying to compose himself. "N...no...you don't have to apologize..." he told the other as he gathered up the courage to say his next phrase. "I...I liked it..." he mumbled as he looked down shyly.

Shou blushed even more furiously, twiddling his fingers as he looked away from Takumi. "S-so did I...Uhm..."

Takumi heart jumped at that. Was he really...falling for the other? He looked over slightly to the other. "...Shou?...Would you..." he stopped, looking away shyly. "...kiss me?...I mean for real..." Once the words were out he couldn't take them back. He really did want it, it's just maybe that was an awkward question.

For a moment, Shou had to replay what he'd just heard. Takumi wanted him to kiss him for real? What? On the lips? "Oh...Uh..." He leaned in, aiming for his lips, but in the end, he only ended up knocking heads with the other.

Takumi pulled back when there head bumped, holding his forehead. It took him a while to figure out what just happened, but when he did he couldn't help but giggle. His hand falling back to his lap. "Well, that didn't go so well..." he said jokingly. "...um...try..again?" he asked, wondering if the other would try it again.

Shou let out a laugh despite the fact he felt incredibly embarrassed. "Ok..." This time, he was successful. He kissed Takumi full on the lips, enjoying the taste and feel of them.

Takumi's eyes fluttered shut as the other's lips touched his. He practically melted inside. This sort of helped to clear up all those confusing feelings he was having.

Shou could hardly believe what he was doing, but there was no stopping himself now. He did not even know when he decided to start liking boys...But apparently he did now!

Takumi never imagined this would happen to him especially with another boy, but he was now seeing the upside of being here. And it was a very nice upside. Maybe it was a good thing that he moved here.

Shou broke the kiss, smiling over to Takumi. "So...Um...I guess that pretty much says what I wouldn't be able to say..."

Takumi's eyes fluttered open as he looked at the other. "W...wow..." he said lightly. "Yeah..." he smiled lightly. That shy feeling disappearing now that he knew the other seemed to feel the same way he did. He wrapped his arms around the other's shoulders, bringing up his legs onto the couch to sit on as he gave the other's cheek a light kiss. "Maybe it was a good idea to move here after all," he said with a smile.

"Yeah, I havta agree with you there." Shou smiled, brushing a few stray strands of hair away from Takumi's eyes.

Takumi smiled as he stared at the other lovingly. It felt so great to get all of that out, and knowning how the other felt. Now they wouldn't have to be worried about the awkward silences and the weird situations anymore.

"Well...Um...My class is at nine in the morning. I really need sleep. You can stay if you want, though." Shou felt giddy and tired at the same time. That was an odd combination.

"Oh right..." Takumi nodded as he pulled away. "Um, I guess I should be heading back to my place then." As much as he didn't want to leave, he knew knew the other needed to sleep and he wasn't going intrude by staying.

"Ok..." Shou smiled and got up. "I'm glad you came over...I'll see you soon, then, right?"

Takumi got up as well and nodded. "Mmhm...of course..." he said with a smile. "Um, maybe I could come over tomorrow afternoon...or something..."

"Yeah! I'll be home around four." Shou was already looking forward to it.

Takumi nodded. "All right...I'll come around then then..." he said with a smile as he turned to head towards the door.

"Ok! Bye!" Shou watched Takumi leave, feeling very happy and relieved at the same time.
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