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Name :: Chandra
Muse’s Name :: Uruha
Muse’s Journal ::xcherishxdreamx
Instant Messengers :: AIM: Coinlocker
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Guitarist for Gazette
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Beauty Therapist for the rich and famous.

Sample Post ::  Uruha flounced onto his bed, finally glad to be off that stinking airplane and back where he belonged. His eighth floor apartment. God. Everything just smelt. Clean. Being a personal Beauty Therapist was hard work, especially when your clients decided to splash out, just to fly their favourite Beautician out to South Africa for a manicure. Not the nice places in South Africa. No. Out in the scrub land, where all the beasties hid. Yeah. He was glad to be home. Now. For a shower, before his lover came home.

Comments :: Hahahaha, No real comments...This Comm is gunna be fun <3 XD

Name :: Chandra [[ Or you can call me Pon...XD Pon is better ]]
Muse's Name :: Nao
Muse's Journal :: xredxdreamx
Instant Messengers :: AIM: Coinlocker
Muse's RL Occupation :: Drummer for AlineNine
Muse's RP Occupation :: College Student. Majoring in Art.

Sample Post :: He threw the paintbrush against the wall, annoyed, frustrated and completly pissed off. "Fuck you..." he whispered menacingly at the canvas in front of him. The boy turned, ready to give up for the day and fell into the couch, stifling a yawn with his paint covered hand. What he wouldn't give for an extra week to work on his assignment, to fix up his portfolio. Alas. It all had to be in, in two day's time. He'd probably fail, have to give up his nice second floor apartment and move back in with the Parental Units. "Better get back to work then Nao, becuase moving back in with your parents...would spell death." He moved back to the canvas, picking up his paintbrush and half heartedly continued working.

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