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Asain Affair ~AU Asain entertainers RP~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Asain Affair ~AU Asain entertainers RP~

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December 13th 7.27pm]
Tired of going to jrock roleplay coms that all happen to be dead? Or your favourite jrocker is taken? Mods that are too strict? Well- that's pretty much all of us.

Yoshinkai University is an AU Roleplay community where you can RP as your favorite JRocker. You can be either a student or a teacher, and dorm rooms will be assigned. All JRockers from all bands are welcomed. From X-Japan, to Ancafe, to Dir en grey. Dead JRockers are welcome, too. So why not join?

Well, the community's just open so there's lots of spots left!


(x-posted like crazy- delete if not allowed!)

November 16th 11.11pm]

Dropping both Uruha xcherishxdreamx and Nao xredxdreamx

Been fun.
Take Care.


October 30th 2.57pm]

Sorry, everybody, but I'm dropping Shou and hide.

<3 It was fun.

Takumi x Shou // (PG?) -- Making Up -- [Monday
October 10th 9.19pm]

A talk, a movie(Ju-On, better known as "The Grudge"), and a kiss...

Scary movie and cute fluffCollapse )

Takumi x hide // (PG) -- Modelling -- [Monday
October 10th 9.14pm]

hide asks Takumi about modelling...

Shy little Takumi...a model? *gasps*Collapse )

Takumi x Shou // (PG) -- First encounter -- [Monday
October 10th 8.34pm]

Because we like everyone to know what exactly is going on...

Explain Takkun's and Shou's first journal entires :PCollapse )

October 7th 8.36pm]

Please come. The party will suck with only, like, 3 people. I gave up a date with an annoying guy to be here tomorrow! ; ; Please make it a success~

Also, I'll be makign the chatroom. MI can be reached on AIM at ex citylove or belle rockstar~ so IM me if you're able to RP for an hour or three. :]

Little reminder notes have been sent to those who got an invitation at their door with the date (Saturday, Oct. 9, 2005), time (8 PM until dawn), place (The Engine Room club), and a dark-pink kiss print instead of a signature, spritzed with the faint scent of rose-vanilla.

Claim [Wednesday
October 5th 12.25am]
Name :: Moralthea or Mo Mo XD
Muse’s Name :: Gackt Camui
Muse’s Journal :: gatsu_no_love
Instant Messengers :: Moralthea for now but later it'll be different XD
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Japanese Rocker
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Vocalist and Soloist or in GacktJob still I don't remember XD
Sample Post :: "Beep...beep...beep..." Screamed the alarm clock on its nightstand. Gackt leaned over smacking the button, turning the annoying thing off. He slowly rose from the covers, wiping the sleep from his eyes. His daschound (sp? XD) pawed softly at his leg, crying slightly. "Yeah, yeah. I know your hungry." He smiled picking her up and walking out into the kitchen.
Comments :: None

Application Time! [Wednesday
October 5th 9.01am]

[ mood | amused ]

ame :: Pookie, Nareh
Muse’s Name :: Masuimi Max
Muse’s Journal :: mtothemax
Instant Messengers :: 

Aim - Masuimi7Max

msn - Kaminari.k@hotmail.com

Muse’s RL Occupation :: Fetish Model/Model/Entertainer
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Photographer/model/resident Snob
Sample Post :: 
               Masuimi awoke early this morning, having only been up until 2 am. She yawned and stretched, her eyes darting to the digital clock perched upon her windowsill. It was barely dawn. She grabbed a pair of panties from her bedside table and carelessly slipped them on, heading toward her ‘sacred’ mini fridge. Grabbing the tiny, glossed handle, she threw open the diminutive excuse for a refrigerator. “What will it be today, Rinji?” she turned to the glass terrarium positioned on top of a small table, a large lustrous snake hissing contently. “Whiskey? Sounds good to me.”   Masuimi pulled a bottle from the bottom shelf and kicked the refrigerator closed. She took a large swig from the bottle and forced open a window. “Ohayo, Japan. Yet another day to shove a tripod up someones--”

Comments :: kacey is my lover.(lmao jk.) that is all. ;3

tothemax.Collapse )


The guys wanna fight but the girls are happy to dance all night. [Sunday
October 2nd 2.59pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

(If this is, for whatever reason, not allowed or whatever, take it down. :D;;)

A collection of 50 invitations were printed out, at BoA's whim, and - courtesy of her father's long list of connections (he's probably helped everyone in the GS complexes get out of a bind at one time or another) - sent to the appropriate people. Several can also be found in the pockets of those burly club bouncers or the employees at the more expensive stores in Ginza, with the directions that they give them to whoever they think fits the criteria stated in the invitation. Good luck. ;]

Have you been lucky enough to find an invitation at your doorstep?Collapse )


Claimin' Jae Joong! [Saturday
October 1st 10.59pm]
Name :: Jacqui
Muse’s Name :: Kim Jae Joong
Muse’s Journal :: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kim_jae_joong/
Instant Messengers :: Boo Jae Joong
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Lead vocal in DBSG, TVXQ, DBSK, etc.
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Rich gang leader/Adult entertainment

Sample Post :: Long day. So incredibly long, that he needed release from it. The paperwork wasn't what bothered him, it was the idiots he'd been left in charge of after his father left town that morning. Instead of his usual club attire, he'd worn what he always deemed to be a promising eye grabber in the workplace. Button up, long sleeved black lace top, black leather pants. Black was his favorite after all, and it made him all the more heart stopping in appearance. So -- here he was again at Juliana, bright lights blazing back and forth over the roof and ceiling, bathing him in their electronic heat. He swung his head in rhythm with the music that seemed to explode in his chest, there were vibrations that ran through every nerve as he couldn't help but sway his hips along with the sounds around him. Outside of work, he lived for this. Finishing off his fourth glass of tequila, he casually slipped off the barstool where he'd been sitting for the past hour, then gracefully saunted toward the dance floor.

Comments :: Yeh. It ain't that great, but Kacey thinks it is. The adult entertainment is his side job, it's to avoid suspicion that he's in one of the top drug gangs in Seoul. Though they're not in Seoul -- XD -- Japan is the country Jae lives in because most business is done from there. 8D

APPLiCATiON [Saturday
October 1st 4.57pm]

Name :: Sumire / Ricadonna
Muse’s Name :: BoA Kwon
Muse’s Journal :: freak_in_me
Instant Messengers :: AIM (belle rockstar) Yahoo! (lovebugREMIX)
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Korean/Japanese/Chinese pop star. Born in South Korea.
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Socialite & debutante
Sample Post :: Recently having moved from Korea, BoA had been concerned about how well she would fit in in Japan. She was fluent in the language, but that wouldn't help much if no one spoke to her, right? But once she stepped out of the rather ritzy cab that had parked in front of the Golden Swan apartment building and was whisked expertly up to the seventh floor penthouse by her father's bodyguards, she had to smile to herself - this was the way it was done, huh? She'd have no problem reinventing the previous gloryCollapse )

cause one of your mods is stupid like this. [Sunday
September 25th 11.49am]
ugh sorry. JunSu's new journal is Mafia_Su NOT i repeat NOT maifa_Su. So remove that from the your friends lists and add this one.

-Kacey. ^-^;;

Claimin' Shou! :3 [Friday
September 23rd 1.28pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Name :: Mun-Pai
Muse’s Name :: Shou of Alice Nine

Muse’s Journal :: yaminichirushou
Instant Messengers :: AIM: AmourMana     MSN: MinstrelsRock@hotmail.com
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Japanese rocker~
Muse’s RP Occupation :: College student
Video games suckCollapse )



App. [Wednesday
September 21st 9.40pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Name :: Miku
Muse’s Name :: Takumi
Muse’s Journal :: takkun_angel
Instant Messengers :: AIM: ASVampireNoise
Muse’s RL Occupation :: j-rocker
Muse’s RP Occupation :: a painter; college student

Sample Post :: ((Um...I love you? I'm gettin' lazy!! XD))

PicturesCollapse )


Application [Wednesday
September 21st 9.49pm]

.Name :: Kacey.
Muse’s Name :: Kim JunSu
Muse’s Journal :: Mafia_Su
Instant Messengers :: XxiahX - Aim xxhikixx@hotmail.com - Msn Kommunistic_Kisses@yahoo.com - YIM
Muse’s RL Occupation ::  Korean Popstar, Or well Boy band Member
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Mafia bratt. Barely Legal.Spoiled. Attention whore. Otherwise known as a student too.

sample postCollapse )


September 22nd 11.05am]

Double Claim under the cut <3 Uruha and NaoCollapse )

September 21st 7.32pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Name :: Danyiel
Muse’s Name :: Haruhiko
Muse’s Journal ::  redharuhiko
Instant Messengers :: AIM :: RoseColorProcess, YIM :: inchainsonthefloor, MSN :: your_keii_xoxo(at) hotmail
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Haruhiko is a gay Japanese porn star.
Muse’s RP Occupation :: He doesn’t have on. He’s spoiled by his rich parents who have ties with the mob.
Sample Post::Collapse )


Claimage! [Wednesday
September 21st 6.58pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Name :: Mun-Pai
Muse’s Name :: Matsumoto Hideto (hide!)
Muse’s Journal :: denkimehide
Instant Messengers :: AIM: AmourMana     MSN: MinstrelsRock@hotmail.com
Muse’s RL Occupation :: Japanese rocker~
Muse’s RP Occupation :: Fashion designer
Rockin in GinzaCollapse )


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