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asian_affair's Journal

Asain Affair ~AU Asain entertainers RP~
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-Golden Swan Apartments-

The most luxurious apartments in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan. Right in the middle of the most upper class shopping district, with expensive shops on almost every street. There are three apartment building that belong to the owner of "Golden Swan." A mob boss, very successful, very feared, and almost never suspected to be the leader of the G.S Mafia. Each apartment is just as ritzy as the other. Even the maids and gardeners have their over apartments.

Floors one through three are mainly occupied by the 'lower class' workers, or the starving college students lucky enough to get such a nice place to live in. Even some of the 'newer' gang members have an apartment on those floors.

Floors four through six are for the middle 'ritzy' class, the ones with tons of money, the ones well off, people who worked for the money, who have a family, or those who just like living by themselves, having tons of money to spare.

Floors seven through nine are for the beautifully rich, the people who roll in money, wear expensive clothing, are high in society, the ones who were well known both in the mafia world, and in the normal ones. Almost as though they were a celebrity....

1.Keep OOC drama and your personal drama out of the RP.
2.Stay true to your character. I know it’s a little fun to maybe put a foot on the other side and that’s peachy. =d
3.Use correct English.
4.Your character must have their own journal for this community specifically. No journal sharing.
5.Posting logs in your character journals or the community is optional.
6.No god moding. You cannot control the fait of muse you did not claim.
7.This should be known. Respect the mods or you will be forced to leave the community.
8.You are only allowed four (4) muses to start. If you think you can handle more ask us. Then if we think you can handle more, we’ll let you have them. ^^
9.You can take up any one from Asian entertainment! Anyone from rockers to porn stars! Well… Except people like Jackie Chan and what not. Though that should be obvious. Really.
10.If you have a problem, and you cant solve it yourself, take it to us [ the mods] and we'll hear out both sides, equally and solve it.
11.Add everyone to your list~ ^^
And just a note: BE FRIENDLY!! Indeed...

Name :: ((What you want to be called in the community))
Muse’s Name :: ((Come on. This should be obvious.))
Muse’s Journal :: (( Again… o.O; *motions up*))
Instant Messengers :: (( AIM preferred but list any other you might like to RP on. ^^ ))
Muse’s RL Occupation :: ((Okay so what are they in real life? Actor? Rocker? And are they Thai? Japanese? Or which ever~))
Muse’s RP Occupation :: ((Self explanatory, ne?))
Sample Post :: ((Give us a little idea of how you RP. ))
Comments :: (( What's up? Anything you want to tell us before you start? Oh! And feel free to add a picture under a cut of course. ))

Claims ((Until we get a site for them.))

Occupation: Fashion Designer
Aim: AmourMana
MSN : Minstrelsrock@hotmail.com

Occupation: Pornstar
Aim: RoseColorProcess
MSN : Your_keii_xoxo@hotmail.com

Occupation: College Student
Aim: AmourMana
Msn : Minstrelsrock@hotmail.com

Takumi : Takkun_Angel
Occupation: a painter; college student
Aim: ASVampireNoise

Uruha :
Occupation: Beauty Therapist for the rich and famous.
Aim: Coinlocker

Nao :: xRedxdreamx ::
Occupation: College student majoring in art
Aim: Coin locker

BoA Kwon:
Aim: Belle Rockstar
Yim: LovebugREMIX

Kim JunSu:
Occupation: Mafia bratt / Student.
Aim: xXiahx
Msn: xxhikixx@hotmail.com
Yim: Kommunistic_Kisses@Yahoo.com

Kim Jae Joong :
Occuption: Rich gang leader/Adult entertainment
Aim: Boo Jae Joong

On Hold:
Koda Kumi, Takumi, Shou, Belle, Ryo(Adult entertainment)

Need anything else? Feel free to IM me. AIM:: RoseColorProcess